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reader Chris Mid­dle­ton writes : “this is a bust ( and lamp) of Maria from Me­trop­o­lis. It’s 20 inches high and has a bake­lite- style base, a trans­par­ent deco back­plate, which is made from heavy plas­tic or resin, and the met­alised bust it­self, which may be plas­ter. On the base be­hind the ro­bot is a brass lamp fit­ting. When the light is switched on, her eyes glow blue.

“I know noth­ing about its history: it may be a pe­riod item; it may be a mod­ern pri­vate com­mis­sion or one­off artist piece; it may have been made to tie in with a re- re­lease of the movie, or for an event. I’ve no idea if it’s the only one of its kind, or if sev­eral were made. any info from Vec­tis ap­pre­ci­ated!”

adam Carter, Vec­tis film poster & mem­o­ra­bilia spe­cial­ist, says: In the late 1990s, a com­pany called Com­pul­sion Gallery – who have since ceased trad­ing – cre­ated a se­ries of lim­ited edi­tion li­censed pewter repli­cas of Maria the Ro­bot from Me­trop­o­lis. They were made of a high den­sity resin, ther­mally plated in pewter, hand­pol­ished and lac­quered.

What you have is called the False Maria Lamp fea­tur­ing a bust of Maria. The ef­fect of the back­light against the back­ground and Maria’s blue eyes is very strik­ing. Each of these repli­cas is in­cred­i­bly hard to find and as such it is dif­fi­cult to put a price on, but I wouldn’t hes­i­tate to put an es­ti­mate on yours at auc­tion of £ 200- 300 and sim­ply see­ing where it goes!

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