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I en­joyed the pi­lot episode of Dark Mat­ter, but felt I’d seen it all be­fore. The crew of six all alone on a space­ship had shades of Blake’s 7 about it. The di­a­logue and the am­ne­sia plot has been mined in other sci- fi se­ries. It was still en­joy­able though, and good to have a new space- set sci- fi se­ries. My only gripe was the dark­ness of the show ( not the­mat­i­cally, but ac­tu­ally). They’ve mas­tered in­ter­stel­lar travel on­board their high- tech ship, yet our light­ing tech­nol­ogy is way ahead of theirs. Ma­rauder trav­ellers, please lo­cate a light switch while search­ing for your iden­ti­ties.

Keith Tu­dor, Rom­sey

Maybe they should in­tro­duce some light Mat­ter for sea­son two. ged­dit? Light Mat­ter. Oh, for­get it.

Get­ting to the heart of the Dark Mat­ter.

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