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The fi­nal TV episode to date, a two- parter called “the truth”, aired on 19 May 2002.

It fea­tured Mul­der – who’d been miss­ing for a year – be­ing put on trial for mur­der­ing a su­per- soldier played by adam bald­win.

Mul­der is given the death sen­tence, but makes a run for it with the help of Scully.

We see the cig­a­rette Smok­ing Man an­ni­hi­lated by at­tack he­li­copters.

Mul­der vows to con­tinue look­ing for the truth.

In The X- Files: I Want To Be­lieve, we pick up with Mul­der still a fugi­tive and Scully a doc­tor – and she’s har­bour­ing him.

They’re both par­doned when Skin­ner asks them to in­ves­ti­gate one last case, in­volv­ing a se­rial killer.

At the film’s end, we see Mul­der and Scully row­ing off to a trop­i­cal is­land to­gether. no, se­ri­ously, that’s ac­tu­ally what hap­pened.

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