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1 The X- Files was one of the first TV shows to regularly use mo­bile phones. a homage to this might be nice – per­haps a shot of a brick- sized phone gath­er­ing dust in a drawer… 2 Mul­der and Scully run­ning around in dark forests/ tun­nels/ base­ments with flash­lights to the fore. come on, it’s tra­di­tional! 3 Sun­flower seeds – Mul­der’s favourite snack may or may not re­turn; du­chovny dodged the ques­tion when it was asked. Watch this space, snack fans. 4 A fa­mil­iar quote flash­ing up at the start of each episode, à la “the truth is Out there”. 5 The Lone Gun­men. Some say they

5 died. Some say they faked it. We want them back and we don’t care how. are they besties with ed­ward Snow­den? and will Fro­hike still have a crush on Scully?

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