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1 Reams of ex­po­si­tion so in­tri­cate, con­vo­luted and con­trived that no hu­man could ever say it out loud with­out ty­ing their tongue in a knot. Pity the ac­tors. 2 A few nods to the long- time fans will be welcome, but the tone of the show shouldn’t be too self- rev­er­en­tial. new­bies will be lost. 3 Un­re­solved plot strands – the old se­ries had a bit of an is­sue with this. although who knows, per­haps those queries, such as what­ever hap­pened to the alien coloni­sa­tion of earth set for de­cem­ber 2012, will be an­swered here? 4 The com­plete ab­sence of Scully’s son, Wil­liam. he doesn’t have to ac­tu­ally ap­pear; maybe she could have a sneaky pic­ture on her desk, or a photo on her fridge? 5 Any men­tion of The X- Files: I Want To Be­lieve. We’re try­ing to pre­tend it never hap­pened.

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