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Ku­mars star Sanjeev Bhaskar is bi­ol­ogy teacher Ray

SFX - - Absolutely Anything - Stephen Kelly

If you were Neil and could do ab­so­lutely any­thing, what would you do?

I could fly? But then you’d prob­a­bly get wet and get a cold. Maybe in­vis­i­ble? But then if I drive my car that’s go­ing to look weird as it’ll just be a driver­less car. It would be im­prac­ti­cal. So I think time travel. I’d go back in time and tell Shake­speare he’s go­ing to be big.

What’s in store for Ray in Ab­so­lutely


He’s Neil’s only friend and the only one who knows about the pow­ers. Neil, in an act of gen­eros­ity, re­alises that I have a crush on a fel­low teacher and uses his power to not just make her fall in love with me, but make her wor­ship me, which she does lit­er­ally and starts build­ing shrines around the school…

You’re a sci- fi fan. How do you find mix­ing sci- fi with com­edy?

I think that there have al­ways been pock­ets of hu­mour in sci- fi any­way. The orig­i­nal Star Trek se­ries’ “The Trou­ble With Trib­bles”, for ex­am­ple, is bril­liant, and there was al­ways hu­mour in the in­ter­play be­tween Spock and Kirk. I think the wrong thing to do is to see sci- fi and com­edy as sep­a­rate – com­edy should al­ways be em­bed­ded to var­i­ous de­grees in what­ever genre you do.

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