Here comes trou­ble… Meet the great­est X- Bad yet

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So pre­pos­ter­ously pow­er­ful that his name has claimed the ti­tle of the movie it­self, Apoca­lypse may be the dead­li­est foe the X- Men have ever con­fronted. We first glimpsed him at the close of Days Of Fu­ture Past, an enig­matic fig­ure wor­shipped by Egyp­tians in Old Tes­ta­ment times. “En Sabah Nur!” they chanted – the First One!

But who is this mil­len­nia- old an­tag­o­nist – and why is he the ul­ti­mate X- vil­lain? The cre­ation of Louise Si­mon­son and Jack­son Guice, Apoca­lypse en­tered the comic books in the pages of X- Fac­tor in 1986. Born 5,000 years ago in the Jor­da­nian city of Aquaba he’s the orig­i­nal mu­tant, the first hu­man to pos­sess the X- gene. He used alien tech aban­doned by the god­like Celestials to en­hance his pow­ers and re­cruit acolytes, ris­ing to be­come a charis­matic cult leader and self- ap­pointed mu­tant su­prem­a­cist, de­ter­mined to bring Homo sapi­ens to their knees.

Apoca­lypse’s abil­i­ties in­clude Xavier- level telekine­sis, su­per­strength, flight, energy blasts and the power to re­ar­range ev­ery mol­e­cule in his body.

The im­mor­tal mu­tant will be brought to the screen by Os­car Isaac, soon to be seen as crack X- wing pi­lot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The

Force Awak­ens. He’s de­scribed his take on the char­ac­ter as “the em­bod­i­ment of the sec­ond com­ing of the judge­ments of God.”

Set the threat level to Bib­li­cal…

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