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the de­pend­able team leader we met in the noughties movies. Your new Jean Grey is So­phie Turner, alias Game Of Thrones’ Sansa Stark. And yes, that’s pos­si­bly the long shadow of Phoenix we glimpse in the fran­chise’s fu­ture… “Maybe one of the rea­sons that they chose me for [ Jean] is be­cause they saw the dark side of Sansa,” Turner tells IGN. “Maybe they’re think­ing ‘ Oh, Phoenix, Jean Grey.’ I def­i­nitely see a lot of par­al­lels in there… [ Jean] strug­gles with her power, and not be­ing ac­cepted in the hu­man world.” The film­mak­ers say we’ll see a more com­plex, less as­sured Jean, one still deal­ing with the re­al­ity of her phe­nom­e­nal telekinetic abil­i­ties. She’ll also have archery skills. Shades of The

Hunger Games? There’s a new An­gel, too. Bri­tain’s Ben Hardy will play War­ren Wor­thing­ton III. If the movie ad­heres to the clas­sic comic book canon then An­gel will serve Apoca­lypse as one of the Four Horse­men, the an­cient mu­tant’s per­sonal guard. In the comics Apoca­lypse trans­forms An­gel into Ar­changel, re­plac­ing his feathered wings with armoured ones. Teased con­cept art from the movie clearly shows the char­ac­ter with a set of me­tal­lic wings. We’re al­ready imag­in­ing a spec­tac­u­lar fight scene with Mag­neto…

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