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Di­rec­tor: Tim Miller Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Bac­carin ETA: 5 Fe­bru­ary 2016

Okay, so tech­ni­cally he’s not a mu­tant but this smart- mouthed mer­ce­nary is a long­stand­ing player in the X- Men uni­verse, earn­ing his ac­cel­er­ated heal­ing power from the same Weapon X pro­gram that en­hanced Wolver­ine. Look for ap­pear­ances by gen­uine mu­tants An­gel Dust and Copy­cat along with An­dre Tri­co­teux as steel- skinned X- Man Colos­sus. We’re promised a faith­fully flip, self- aware take on Marvel’s fourth wall- break­ing icon, mix­ing adrenalinised ac­tion and post­mod­ern hi­lar­ity.


Di­rec­tor: James Man­gold Stars: Hugh Jack­man ETA: 2 March 2017

Hugh Jack­man vows that he will un­sheath Wolvie’s claws one fi­nal time – never say never again, Hugh… – so there’s al­ready a ton of fan ex­pec­ta­tion rid­ing on ol’ mut­ton- chops’ third solo flick, not least the pres­sure to adapt clas­sic comic book tale Old Man Lo­gan. Jack­man will only re­veal that the screen­play takes el­e­ments from mul­ti­ple Marvel is­sues. Pa­trick Stewart, mean­while, hints that the movie may team Wolvie with Pro­fes­sor X…


Di­rec­tor: Ru­pert Wy­att Stars: Chan­ning Ta­tum ETA: 7 Oc­to­ber 2016

The X- uni­verse gets an in­jec­tion of ras­cally, South­ern- fried charm when fan favourite Gam­bit ar­rives in the form of Alabama- born screen hunk Chan­ning Ta­tum. Armed with the mu­tant power to wield the ki­netic energy of ob­jects – turn­ing his trade­mark pack of play­ing cards into 52 de­cid­edly lethal ob­jects – the “ra­gin’ Ca­jun” walks a twin­klingly fine line be­tween scoundrel and su­per­hero. If the film cap­i­talises on that Wolver­ine- style rogue ap­peal it’s a win­ner.


Di­rec­tor: Josh Boone Stars: Un­known ETA: Un­known

While Fox’s other films are set to spotlight solo acts in the X- pan­theon, this en­try will in­tro­duce a par­al­lel team to the main troupe. It takes its cue from the ’ 80s Marvel ti­tle that res­ur­rected the orig­i­nal premise of the X- Men, show­cas­ing teen mu­tants in train­ing at Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Young­sters. Given that the core fran­chise films are in­tro­duc­ing an equally green set of he­roes it’s hard to imag­ine this feel­ing as dis­tinct as it might.


Di­rec­tor: Jeff Wadlow Stars: Un­known ETA: Un­known

Orig­i­nally an­nounced as a go- pro­ject in July 2013, this one seems to have slipped out of Cere­bro’s scan­ning range of late. Based on the de­fin­i­tive X- ti­tle of the steroidal, ul­tra- vi­o­lent ’ 90s comics era, it’s another team- ori­ented spin- off, ru­moured to unite Ca­ble, Psy­locke, Colos­sus, Domino and Dead­pool – though whether the merc- with- the- mouth’s solo movie im­pacts on this plan re­mains to be seen. Comic cre­ator Rob Liefeld has cham­pi­oned Tom Hardy for time­hop­ping an­ti­hero Ca­ble.


Pro­duc­ers: Evan Katz, Manny Coto Stars: Un­known ETA: Un­known

Marvel has al­ready started to colonise the small screen and now Fox is look­ing for a piece of TV ac­tion too. All that’s known about this one is that de­posed Star Trek 3 screen­writ­ers Pa­trick McKay and JD Payne are han­dling the writ­ing while 24 vet­er­ans Evan Katz and Manny Coto will pro­duce. Will the show trans­fer an es­tab­lished movie char­ac­ter? Or fo­cus on an un­tapped team like Al­pha Flight? We’d need an Xavier- style mind- probe to know…

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