Sui­cide squad

SFX - - Red Alert -

Meet Amanda Waller ( Vi­ola Davis), re­spon­si­ble for the hair- brained scheme to use su­pervil­lains as de­ni­able as­sets on dan­ger­ous mis­sions.

Killer Croc ( Ade­wale Akin­n­uoye- Ag­baje) shows off his shiny whites. There’s a pleas­ing man- in- a- suit feel to the cos­tume.

In a likely flash­back Dr Har­leen Quinzel is strapped down by the Joker ( Jared Leto) for a spot of elec­troshock ther­apy in Arkham Asy­lum.

Cap­tain Boomerang ( Jai Court­ney) rock­ing the bling, but not a throw­ing stick in sight in this first teaser.

Waller re­cruits from the “worst of the worst” in­car­cer­ated at Belle Reve pen­i­ten­tiary, in­clud­ing Har­ley Quinn ( Mar­got Rob­bie).

Har­ley ap­pears in sev­eral cos­tumes in the trailer, but this is her Squad look, com­plete with sig­na­ture base­ball bat.

Bat­man takes a ride on the Joker- mo­bile in another pre- in­car­cer­a­tion flash­back. Could Bats be out for jus­tice af­ter the mur­der of Robin?

The Sui­cide Squad line up, in­clud­ing samu­rai Katana ( Karen Fukuhara) and Waller’s en­forcer Rick Flagg ( Joel Kin­na­man).

Di­ablo ( Jay Her­nan­dez) ac­quires py­roki­ne­sis af­ter be­ing pos­sessed by a de­mon, some­thing this teaser seems to be hint­ing at.

The En­chantress ( Cara Delev­ingne) in her full oc­cult glory. We don’t see her hang with any­one here – could she be a late ad­di­tion to the team?

Floyd Law­ton/ Dead­shot ( Will Smith) takes aim. Given Smith’s mega- star­dom ex­pect him to stay mostly mask- less.

And here’s the clown prince of crime in the process of tor­tur­ing Har­leen. “I’m just gonna hurt ya, re­ally, re­ally bad.”





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