“C l a ire i s a h u ge p a rt o f o u r s tory … ” J A C K C O L E M AN

SFX - - Heroes Reborn -

Where do we find Noah when He­roes Reborn be­gins?

We find Noah lead­ing a quiet life in a residential area and keep­ing a very low pro­file with another pseu­do­nym. Then there’s this char­ac­ter, Quin­ton, who is this twitchy, con­spir­acy guy. He starts hunt­ing down Noah and piquing his cu­rios­ity about cer­tain things. How much of the Com­pany man is still left in Noah?

He has all these in­stincts or par­tic­u­lar skill sets. He has a gen­uine de­sire to set­tle down and lead a quiet, do­mes­tic life. A leop­ard can’t change its spots, but when Noah goes off the grid, part of it is to recharge the bat­ter­ies. There’s no ques­tion that once he’s in, he’s all in. How much will the

show ad­dress Claire’s fate and how it in­flu­ences Noah?

I can tell you for a char­ac­ter that does not ap­pear on cam­era, Claire is a huge part of our story and as al­ways, a huge im­pact on Noah. Where she is and what she’s do­ing and what has be­come of her is a very big part of our story and a very big part of what drives Noah for­ward. Noah has ex­pe­ri­enced a mem­ory loss. What is his mis­sion this sea­son?

This mem­ory loss is all con­nected to what has gone on. It’s a much big­ger part of our story and the ul­ti­mate fate of the world. Noah is try­ing to fig­ure out what it is he doesn’t re­mem­ber and why he doesn’t re­mem­ber and what it all re­lates to. It’s one lit­tle thread that un­rav­els another.

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