“I wa n ted to p l a y s ome­thi d a rker ! ” Z A C H A R Y L E V I n g

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Af­ter five sea­sons on Chuck, what made this the right show to lock your­self into as a reg­u­lar again?

I wanted to play some­thing that was not Chuck. I loved play­ing Chuck, but I didn’t want to be pi­geon- holed into that char­ac­ter. I wanted to play some­thing darker, mood­ier, grit­tier and dirt­ier. That’s what we found with Luke. Luke and his wife are hunt­ing down hu­mans with su­per­pow­ers. Do you con­sider him a vil­lain?

I def­i­nitely think he’s do­ing vil­lain­ous things. He’s aware of that. Real vil­lains don’t think they are do­ing vil­lain­ous things. Real vil­lains are per­fectly happy with the de­ci­sions they are mak­ing. Luke may think that to an ex­tent, but he’s tor­tured. It’s not as black and white for him. I think there’s a lot of am­bi­gu­ity go­ing on. How much have you en­joyed tap­ping into your dark side?

I like it, but it’s also been very hard. Up un­til now, I’ve mainly done comedic or lighter drama. Oc­ca­sion­ally on Chuck, we went there. Just in five episodes on He­roes Reborn, there have been so many in­tense scenes al­ready. I’m like, “Geez, man. I need to go do some com­edy. I need some lev­ity back in here.” It’s su­per- drain­ing. If you are giv­ing your all to stuff that is re­ally dra­matic or dark, it’s dif­fi­cult not to let it af­fect you.

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