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SFX - - Hitman: Agent 47 -

Were you fa­mil­iar with the Hitman videogame char­ac­ter?

I played the game to pre­pare for this. I was just struck by the in­tel­li­gence of the game­play: “Don’t pull your gun out. Do it with­out that. Use stealth. Use cun­ning. Use dis­guise.” How have you found do­ing the ac­tion and stunts?

I love it. I said from the be­gin­ning, I want to do ev­ery­thing. It’s me un­less it’s su­per dan­ger­ous. My first stunt dou­ble broke his shoul­der be­ing thrown into a wall. So that one I didn’t do [ laughs]. 47 is a bit of a mys­tery. Does that add to the chal­lenge of cre­at­ing the char­ac­ter?

Yeah. I was su­per fas­ci­nated by the idea that po­ten­tially he’s a lit­tle bit of a cor­rupt clone – the 47th in­car­na­tion of this über hu­man had a cou­ple of flaws. He’s not a ma­chine, which is very im­por­tant to me. It’s not the Ter­mi­na­tor. He’s a ge­net­i­cally mod­i­fied hu­man be­ing. If you could see 47 team up with another videogame char­ac­ter, who would it be?

You’ll see how long it’s been since I’ve played videogames when I say some­thing like Ryu from Street Fighter. But peo­ple would talk about who would win: 47 ver­sus Bourne, or 47 ver­sus Bond? The an­swer is 47, of course [ smiles].

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