“H e c o m e s o u t o f n o w h e r e ! ” Z a c h a r y Q u i n t o

SFX - - Hitman: Agent 47 -

What can you say about your char­ac­ter?

John Smith is a mys­te­ri­ous guy, he comes out of nowhere and you’re not re­ally sure where he fits into the dy­namic of this world at the be­gin­ning. He forges a re­la­tion­ship with Ka­tia early on in the movie, and that re­la­tion­ship leads them into a tri­an­gle with Agent 47. Is it a more emo­tional char­ac­ter than what you’ve played in the past?

It’s an ac­tion movie, so much more based in phys­i­cal con­nec­tion, but hope­fully there’s an in­ner life un­der­neath all the punches and gun­shots. But it’s not a cham­ber- piece [ smiles]. How would you com­pare ac­tion ex­pe­ri­ences on Star Trek with this?

We had a lot more time on Star Trek Into Dark­ness, so there was more breath in the process. These fights have been much more gritty in their ex­e­cu­tion which I think lends it­self to a kind of aes­thetic that will suit the movie. How many Hitman films have you signed on for?

Two or three, I have to check with my lawyer... Who’s tougher: Ru­pert Friend or Bene­dict Cum­ber­batch?

I dare not com­pare the Brits, for fear that I would up­set their ever del­i­cate bal­ance of mu­tual re­spect and tal­ent, but they’re both in­cred­i­ble guys.

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