“I t h o u g h t I wa s d o n e w it h t h e r u n n i n g . . . ”

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What’s next for Thomas in this film?

Ba­si­cally we pick up where we left off. I think, for Tom, there’s a lot of guilt, and there’s a lot he feels on his shoul­ders right now. He felt that in the first film a lit­tle too: the re­spon­si­bil­ity to get the kids out and to make sure ev­ery­one was okay. I think he’s deal­ing with guilt from Chuck’s death too. And as soon as they find out in this film that there’s no safe haven, that they could end up be­ing worse off… I think that weighs heav­ily on him. At least there isn’t as much run­ning this time…

I thought there was no pos­si­ble way there could be more run­ning! But there was still a lot. We were run­ning up sand dunes some­times… And I was crack­ing up be­cause I thought I was done with the run­ning – sort of. Is it tricky play­ing a guy who can’t re­mem­ber who he is?

A lit­tle bit. It does give you room to in­vent and cre­ate. I think when you for­get who you are, you can be­come a new per­son any­way. Sort of like a re­set but­ton. It was tricky for me to fig­ure out his arc and his path, but I think I’ve re­alised that this just is his arc and his path… He’s been through a lot of trauma now. Es­pe­cially with Chuck. I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to not feel guilty about that. Do you think the se­ries is still Young Adult? Di­rec­tor Wes Ball doesn’t…

I guess. It’s dif­fi­cult to say, I think it’s a moot point. It is what it is any­way and it’s go­ing to be what it’s per­ceived as. It’s in that Young Adult world vein, no doubt. I think it’s our job to think of it dif­fer­ently, though. Wes and I thought of these sto­ries as sci- fi films, and if that YA la­bel didn’t ex­ist they’d be old- school sci- fi – kid ori­en­tated sci- fi movies. Hope­fully it can ex­tend to all ages. It can be fuck­ing awe­some to kids. And awe­some to teenagers. And peo­ple in their twen­ties and thir­ties, and par­ents who take their kids. That’s the goal, that ev­ery­one takes some­thing out of it.

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