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In Paul Ver­ho­even’s To­tal Re­call, Dou­glas Quaid is played by Arnold Sch­warzeneg­ger. In Len Wise­man’s 2012 re­make, Quaid is Colin Far­rell. But what you might not know is that when To­tal Re­call was s till i n t he h ands of Dino De Lau­ren­tiis, sev­eral other ver­sions were planned – which would have re­sulted in very dif­fer­ent films. David Cro­nen­berg spent a year at­tached to the pro­ject. His choice of lead? Wil­liam Hurt. Another sug­ges­tion was Richard Drey­fuss, the star of Close En­coun­ters…, who’d al­ready played an every­man- turne­dun­wit­ting- lead of a ma­jor sci- fi block­buster. Fi­nally De Lau­ren­tiis went with Pa­trick Swayze, hot off Dirty Danc­ing. Sets were erected in Aus­tralia – and then torn down when De Lau­ren­tiis ran out of money.

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