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Peter Ca­paldi talks mon­sters, Maisie and how his char­ac­ter is chang­ing How has your Doc­tor evolved this se­ries?

I think he’s mov­ing. What I find in­ter­est­ing is that the Doc­tor is still sort of look­ing for him­self. So he’s changed to some de­gree. He still has the same con­cerns and wor­ries and dark­ness, if you like, but he’s em­brac­ing the present. But that’s re­ally be­cause he has a pro­found knowl­edge of the past and the fu­ture. He knows things can of­ten end in great dis­tress but rather than fo­cus­ing on that he’s de­cided to have a good time. It doesn’t mean that he’s not aware that dark­ness will fall… or what­ever phrase I can think of that you can print that sounds good! How was it shar­ing a cou­ple of episodes with Maisie Wil­liams?

I’m a huge Game Of Thrones f an, so I w as very ex­cited for Maisie. She amuses me, in­cred­i­bly. She’s very gifted. You’ll see what she does in the show. She has to be quite dif­fer­ent in dif­fer­ent episodes, and she does it quite beau­ti­fully and sub­tly. At the same time you can get Game Of Thrones g os­sip o ff h er… with­out any spoil­ers! She starts telling me, and then she starts re­veal­ing things, and I don’t want to know what’s hap­pened so I get her to be quiet. You get to fight the Zy­gons this year…

They’re fan­tas­tic mon­sters, aren’t they? I worked with the man who [ orig­i­nally] de­signed them, Jim Ach­e­son, who be­came a very, very cel­e­brated cos­tume de­signer. I was in the film of Dan­ger­ous Li­aisons, which he did all these fab­u­lous 18th cen­tury cos­tumes for. And all I wanted to talk to him about was Zy­gons. He was slightly em­bar­rassed, I think… Is there a mon­ster from love to face?

There are so many of them. Of­ten if I ’m asked that ques­tion I pick the most ob­scure one, like the Chum­blies! I would like the Dae­mons, be­cause they’re a lit­tle bit black mag­icky, they’re a lit­tle bit supernatural. I like mon­sters that are not just sci- fi but who have got a hor­ror movie kind of el­e­ment to them. And the Ax­ons would be good. Steven al­ways says they’ve got a face like a Bafta. He’s got plenty of Baftas… per­haps he’s sick of them! How much of a sway do you ac­tu­ally have with Steven over stuff like this?

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