De ad­pool


Small- time crim Wade Wil­son turns his life around af­ter meet­ing Vanessa Carlysle ( Morena Bac­carin), but gets can­cer soon af­ter. Sad times.

This se­quence recre­ates the leaked teaser with Dead­pool tak­ing on four goons in a car.

Colos­sus makes the leap from the X- movies, but is now a 7.5 foot tall CG cre­ation mo­capped by An­dre Tri­co­teux.

Wade’s best mate Weasel ( TJ Miller) doesn’t un­der­stand the con­cept of let­ting some­one down gen­tly.


To save his life he vol­un­teers to be turned into an in­vin­ci­ble su­per­hero by Ajax ( Ed Skrein) and his en­forcer An­gel Dust ( Gina Carano).

Out­manned and with only 12 bul­lets in his gun, Dead­pool sur­ren­ders…

Telepath Ne­ga­sonic Teenage War­head has been reimagined as a teenage goth, as played by Brianna Hilde­brand.

Ajax and Dead­pool go blade to blade. Note a seem­ingly kid­napped Vanessa at the back. Could a trans­for­ma­tion into Copy­cat be on the cards?

Five years later, Dead­pool is wait­ing for his maker to get out of jail so he can reap re­venge for his hideous new face.

… Psy­che! Ev­ery­one on that bridge is about to die hor­ri­bly.

Won­der­ing why Dead­pool’s so trig­ger happy? Ajax did this to his face, and it can’t be re­versed.

I love the smell of gun­smoke in the morn­ing.




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