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Did you meet with astro­nauts to pre­pare?

My first meet­ing with Ri­d­ley, I said, “If I did this film, can I go to space camp?” So I got to go to JPL to see all the ro­bot­ics and the Cu­rios­ity rover. I got to see them pro­gram­ming the rover on Mars and I got to do vir­tual re­al­ity where you put the glasses on and see ac­tual im­ages from Mars all around me. I could see the rover and walk around it. Is that level of re­search vi­tal to form­ing your char­ac­ters?

When­ever I’m play­ing a role, I do as much re­search as I can, and then once I get there, I try not to think about the re­search. A lot of my scenes I wear my wed­ding ring; I don’t know why, but I had this idea that peo­ple wouldn’t wear jew­ellery in space. But I was told they wear jew­ellery all the time. Matt says Ri­d­ley is a pussy­cat. Did you find that to be true?

I didn’t find him tough at all. I’d go over to his tent and watch play­back with him. We’d all hang out with him. We all felt part of a team. We were all go­ing out for din­ner and hang­ing out a lot. He’s an ab­so­lute leg­end!

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