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Boba Fett

Vader’s “no dis­in­te­gra­tions” in­struc­tion to Fett in The Em­pire Strikes Back al­ways im­plied the pair had history and sure enough, the Sith Lord hires the coolest bounty hunter in the gal­axy to track down Luke Sky­walker in the Darth Vader comic. Wedge An­tilles

Luke Sky­walker’s pi­lot chum ( and vet­eran of all three orig­i­nal movies) is a key player in Star Wars: Af­ter­math, where he finds more than he bar­gained for when his hunt for rogue Im­pe­ri­als un­cov­ers a ma­jor plot to re- es­tab­lish the or­gan­i­sa­tion. Lobot

Turns out Lando’s cy­ber­net­i­cally en­hanced mate was at his side well be­fore he got into the gas- min­ing racket – Lobot is a ma­jor part of Marvel’s Lando se­ries, help­ing him to be a bet­ter class of scoundrel. Nien Nunb

Lando’s Re­turn Of The Jedi co- pi­lot is re­vealed in the Princess Leia comic to be a smug­gler who helps re­unite the last re­main­ing sur­vivors of Alder­aan, post- Death Star. We’re hop­ing we find out what he finds so damn funny. Den­gar

The bounty hunter has al­ready cropped up in The Clone Wars, and has a cameo in Af­ter­math – know­ing he’s still alive gives us hope he might one day get to ask Boba Fett to be his best man as in the old EU.

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