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Peter Pan

For­get Para­mount’s 1924 silent adap­ta­tion, the Dis­ney an­i­ma­tion is con­sid­ered the de­fin­i­tive Pan adap. Yes, Peter him­self was a bit an­noy­ing, but there’s so much iconic im­agery here, and it’s pretty faith­ful to Bar­rie. Hook

Spiel­berg’s starry film ex­am­ines what hap­pens af­ter Peter leaves Nev­er­land. Grow­ing up to be­come a grouchy lawyer, Peter later re­turns to the mag­i­cal king­dom to save his kid­napped kids. Peter Pan

Adapted with rev­er­ence for the source ma­te­rial, this has some hand­some flour­ishes but never quite soars. Still, Jason Isaacs makes for a fine Cap­tain Hook/ Mr Dar­ling. Find­ing Nev­er­land

Johnny Depp makes a de­cent fist of a Scot­tish ac­cent to play Bar­rie in a biopic that ze­roes in on the writ­ing of the orig­i­nal play. This one’ll hit you right in the tear ducts. Peter Pan Live!

This didn’t so much get a crit­i­cal drub­bing as a col­lec­tive “WUT!” Per­formed live on NBC, the ac­cents, in­ter­minable songs and trippy- look­ing crocodile all gar­nered abuse on Twit­ter.

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