Were you a comics fan as a kid?

Not par­tic­u­larly. I never re­ally en­joyed read­ing pan­els, but comic book char­ac­ters, and the mythol­ogy around them, was very im­por­tant to me. I grew up with Bat­man. Those Tim Bur­ton movies were ev­ery­thing to me. Even, to some de­gree, the Joel Schu­macher movies… Did you see the orig­i­nal Fan­tas­tic Four movies at the cin­ema?

I did. They get a bad rep, but they’re not bad films. Comic book movies were just not what they are now. They weren’t as so­phis­ti­cated, they weren’t as bold with their sto­ry­telling, and they weren’t as real. What was the tough­est part about the part?

Work­ing on stilts wasn’t easy, they gave me a lot of lim­i­ta­tions. To be hon­est though, the hard­est thing was prob­a­bly play­ing base­ball. Be­ing an English­man, I ob­vi­ously don’t play base­ball… you can’t just pick up a bat and look like a base­ball player. Miles Teller ac­tu­ally threw a ball in my face. He grew up play­ing base­ball and he launched this curve­ball right at my head three days be­fore we started shoot­ing. They had to use a lot of make- up for a while. I told him we should play some football – see how that goes…

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