There’s just too many damn TV box sets this month, oth­er­wise we’d have gone into de­tail about PER­SON OF IN­TER­EST SEA­SON THREE ( 21 Septem­ber, Blu- ray/ DVD). There’s a few episodes dur­ing this run of the de­li­ciously con­vo­luted techno thriller when the show ap­pears to be giv­ing us six sea­son fi­nales in a row. As the good ma­chine dis­cov­ers its evil twin, Sa­mar­i­tan, it’s a grip­ping bat­tle of the AIs. Un­der- fives and nos­tal­gic adults will prob­a­bly get the most out of MOOMINS ON THE RIVIERA ( 28 Septem­ber, DVD), a big- screen out­ing for Tove Jans­son’s hippo- like trolls, in which the Moomin fam­ily visit the Cote D’Azure, and come to re­alise that the val­ues of their life back home are far su­pe­rior to all its shal­low glam­our. It’s a charm­ingly sweet tale, whose hand- drawn an­i­ma­tion has an ap­peal­ing sim­plic­ity. A crazy- bearded Matthew “Lost” Fox fea­tures in EX­TINC­TION ( 21 Septem­ber, DVD), snow­bound postapoc­a­lyp­tic zom­bie flick whose vi­cious un­dead are blind and like to slither about. Un­for­tu­nately its em­pha­sis on char­ac­ter fails be­cause the cen­tral mys­tery – why two for­mer friends fell out – just isn’t in­ter­est­ing enough to war­rant the screen­time de­voted to it. Fi­nally, in DE­MONIC ( out now, DVD) a de­tec­tive ( Frank Grillo) looks into the deaths of stu­dents who held a séance in a house where mass mur­der took place. The po­lice in­ves­ti­ga­tion an­gle and in­ter­weav­ing of past and present freshen things up a lit­tle, but it’s overly re­liant on the usual jump scares, and the big twist ain’t much cop.


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