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( Orig­i­nal- timeline) Kirk looks back on his life.

Works best in the sec­tions on his child­hood, Starfleet Academy years and early ca­reer, and when re­count­ing mo­ments like when he and Bones first met Spock.

Gets less in­ter­est­ing once it has to de­scribe TV/ movie scenes fans know back­wards.

Some­times sw­erves this by fo­cus­ing as much on the af­ter­math of dra­matic events – like, say, Kirk con­duct­ing Khan’s wed­ding post‑“Space Seed”.

The au­tho­rial voice doesn’t feel au­then­ti­cally Kirk – it’s quite earnest and re­gret­ful, with lit­tle trace of his sense of hu­mour.

Try­ing to work out what’s es­tab­lished lore and what’s the au­thor’s in­ven­tion can be tricky – feels like foot­notes should ex­plain.

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