sea­son 3 BEST EPISODE

“My Name Is Datak Tarr And I Have Come To Kill You” ( 3.08). Grim, grim, grim, then a punch- the- air twist and a half. TRIVIA

The biomen in “Dead Air” are named John, Paul, Ge­orge and Ringo. Nolan even asks them if they’re hav­ing a re­union. EASTER EGG

Linda Hamil­ton ac­tu­ally says “Come with me if you want to live” in “The Bro­ken Bough”. Yes, they do go there, sadly… DID YOU SPOT?

The book Nolan is read­ing in “The Bough Breaks” ( a fan­ci­ful, pulpy retelling of Irisa’s hero­ics) re­peats the same four to five sen­tences over and over. BEST MO­MENT

Datak Tarr chop­ping off his own ( booby- trapped) arm and scarper­ing be­fore it blows up. Great use of The Doors’ “When The Mu­sic’s Over” too.

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