se­ries 2 BEST MO­MENT

Hard, but we reckon it’s episode six’s im­promptu song about open­ing a door, done in full- on Kraftwerk style by Im­per­a­trix’s evil guards. Ge­nius. TRIVIA

The show de­lib­er­ately keeps CGI to a min­i­mum to help sell the other vis­ual gags, which means all the crea­tures are hand- made. NEED TO KNOW

The Hor­ri­ble His­to­ries team be­hind Yon­der­land have also made an equally hi­lar­i­ous film about Shake­speare’s life – Bill hits cine­mas on 18 Septem­ber. IT’S WOSSISNAME!

Tony Head pops up ( 2.07) as Deb­bie’s fa­ther- in- law, while Macken­zie Crook ap­pears here and there as Deb­bie’s long- lost dad. DID YOU SPOT?

One mar­ket stall fea­tures a guy ( dressed like Sharpe) selling Sean’s Beans. “Get yer bas­tard beans!” he yells. Maybe next se­ries they’ll do a gag about the guy dy­ing in ev­ery episode...

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