Marvel’s superspies re­turn to duty, as the world turns su­per­pow­ered… Tara Ben­nett goes deep un­der­cover with the show’s cre­ators

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Be­ing In­hu­man: how Marvel’s su­per­pow­ered TV show is go­ing through changes.

For a show that trades in es­pi­onage, it’s no se­cret that Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD has had its wob­bles. In­tro­duced as the small- screen com­pan­ion to the blockbusting MCU two years ago, the se­ries took al­most its en­tire first sea­son to get its nar­ra­tive juices flow­ing. It only truly took off af­ter the big- screen rev­e­la­tion in Cap­tain Amer­ica: The Win­ter Soldier that the evil ca­bal known as Hy­dra had in­fil­trated ev­ery last clan­des­tine layer of the or­gan­i­sa­tion. Now Agent Phil Coul­son ( Clark Gregg) was tasked by Nick Fury to be di­rec­tor of a new, ul­tra­se­cret ver­sion of SHIELD, fight­ing in deeper shad­ows than ever be­fore.

Since then ex­ec­u­tive pro­duc­ers Jeph Loeb, Jeffrey Bell, Jed Whe­don and Mau­rissa Tan­charoen have been deep div­ing into the Marvel uni­verse to ex­tend the scope of the se­ries, in­tro­duc­ing us to the su­per- pow­ered In­hu­mans in sea­son two’s ma­jor mythol­ogy arc. Skye ( Chloe Ben­net) has been re­vealed as Daisy John­son, aka the in­fa­mous Quake of Se­cret War­riors fame. In sea­son three, Daisy, Coul­son and their fel­low agents are on a new mis­sion to seek out other In­hu­mans, born out of ex­po­sure to Ter­ri­gen, a com­pound that trig­gers in­stant evo­lu­tion in hu­mans with la­tent su­per­pow­ers.

“If you’ve been watch­ing the show and are a fan, or if you haven’t been watch­ing but you used to, or are a new viewer, it’s a very sim­ple on- ramp, that peo­ple are sud­denly go­ing to pop and be en­hanced in a way that is ex­cit­ing and dy­namic,” Loeb tells SFX. “But it’s go­ing to be very trou­bling. When SHIELD ar­rives on the scene their idea is ei­ther to con­tain, to help or to re­cruit this in­di­vid­ual. But as we’ve seen in the past, when SHIELD is mak­ing those de­ci­sions it won’t al­ways be the best for the in­di­vid­ual.”

And there’s the rub. While Coul­son and his team of agents have the best in­ten­tions, try­ing to stem the im­pact of what could be a global game- changer, there are plenty of com­pli­ca­tions. Sec­ond sea­son fi­nale “SOS” saw Daisy re­ject

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