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Da Vinci’s De­mons set for an epic fi­nal sea­son

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We quiz Tom Ri­ley as the fi­nal sea­son of Da Vinci’s De­mons ap­proaches.

“No more Re­nais­sance MacGyver,” says Da Vinci’s De­mons star Tom Ri­ley. “This year is richer, deeper and mas­sive.” As Da Vinci’s De­mons en­ters its fi­nal sea­son Ri­ley as­sures us the show is go­ing out on a high. With a new showrun­ner on board – John Shiban, a pro­ducer with The X- Files and Break­ing Bad on his CV – the new sea­son is, says Ri­ley, “the best stuff we’ve done. It’s so much richer and so much more char­ac­ter­ful. It’s cer­tainly smarter than it was.”

A fan­ci­ful retelling of the early life of Leonard Da Vinci set against the po­lit­i­cal machi­na­tions of Re­nais­sance Italy, the show spent two sea­sons un­der the guid­ance of David S Goyer ( The Dark Knight, Man Of Steel) and had an unashamed comic book tone. But, says Ri­ley, “John Shiban came on board and just loved the po­ten­tial of the show which he didn’t feel was be­ing ex­plored. That’s a com­pletely fair way of judg­ing the first two sea­sons. We were go­ing for a bom­bas­tic, ex­cit­ing ad­ven­ture, and it was very en­ter­tain­ing. John was adamant that we could delve deeper into the char­ac­ters. It’s still an ex­cit­ing ad­ven­ture show, but it’s very much the char­ac­ters driv­ing the plot rather than the other way around.”

Any wor­ries this might mean less ac­tion are dis­pelled when we meet the de­sign team on set. “No. We’re hav­ing more fun,” one of them en­thuses. “It starts off with such a huge opener that for us has been another step up. We’ve built streets then had tanks rolling along them blow­ing them up.”

The tank, which looks like a large Re­nais­sance Dalek, is one of Da Vinci’s own de­signs, brought to life by Ot­toman in­vaders. Leonardo hav­ing his own in­ven­tions turned against him will be a theme of the sea­son, says Ri­ley. Another theme of the sea­son is the “plea­sure palace” – a new set that the cast and crew are all gush­ing about. It’s ex­actly what it sounds like – a den of in­iq­uity with some ex­tra­or­di­nary de­tail­ing. “Did you no­tice the stair­case looks like a vagina?” asks our guide. Ri­ley is later un­sur­prised to learn the de­sign­ers were ea­ger to give us a tour of the place. “If you can spend enough time work­ing out how to turn erec­tions into door han­dles you’re gonna want to show it off.”

Ri­ley tells us that know­ing the show was end­ing has ac­tu­ally had a pos­i­tive ef­fect on the sea­son. He prom­ises res­o­lu­tion for all the char­ac­ters and sto­ry­lines and def­i­nitely “No cliffhanger!” And there was no skimp­ing: “When we knew it was end­ing we were throw­ing money at the fi­nal episode to make it the best it could pos­si­bly be.

It’s the best stuff we’ve done. It’s cer­tainly smarter than it was

I thought that was very big of Starz to be hon­est. It will pay back the au­di­ence’s in­vest­ment.”

He also re­veals that the main cast were all al­lowed to take home a prop as a sou­venir. “Ev­ery­body picked some­thing that meant some­thing to them. If I tell you what I chose it would be a spoiler be­cause it ap­pears in the fi­nal episode. It think it will be ob­vi­ous, though, when you see it.”

But did any­body de­cide they wanted a door han­dle in the shape of an erec­tion?

The third and fi­nal sea­son of Da Vinci’s De­mons airs from 25 Oc­to­ber on Fox.

“We are the knights who say Ni!”

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Cat­walk trends this sea­son in­clude knee- high boots and all- over bro­cade.

The de­sign team have had fun with Da Vinci’s in­ven­tions in the fi­nal se­ries.

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