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Os­good lives! UNIT’s geek queen re­turns to Doc­tor Who

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Back from the dead

“Some­body sent me a YouTube clip af­ter my last episode had gone out. You know how they film re­ac­tions of peo­ple watch­ing? Some­one sent me a clip of a boy – he was a North­ern lad – and when Os­good got pul­verised or de­ma­te­ri­alised or what­ever it was he was like ‘ Nooooo! Nooooo!’ He was re­ally shout­ing at the telly. It was the fun­ni­est thing I’d ever seen and I was quite shocked. He was over it quite quickly, to be fair…”

Time Lord fash­ion state­ments

“I have ques­tion marks on my col­lars… She’s ex­pand­ing the range. She’s got a ques­tion mark waist­coat as well, which is a nod to the Sev­enth. If I did come back, would we just work our way through all the Doc­tors? I looked them up. The Sixth Doc­tor’s cos­tume would cer­tainly be in­ter­est­ing. You could take maybe an el­e­ment of that. I loved Colin Baker, you see. I used to quite fancy him.”

Crush­ing on the Doc­tor

“If you’re work­ing in UNIT he’s kind of the main fo­cus. I can see why you would get ob­sessed with some­one like that. He’s like the One Di­rec­tion of that world. And con­stantly chang­ing, so you’ve got your pick of all of them. I don’t think it’s a crush. It’s just be­ing in awe. It would be like meet­ing the big­gest celebrity you could pos­si­bly imag­ine.”

Don’t call me scarf face

“Did they give me the scarf when I left the first time? No they bloody didn’t. I didn’t ask for it be­cause I as­sumed I wouldn’t get it. I thought well, we might need that again, fin­gers crossed… I feel like I’ve been cheated and robbed. You can buy them, can’t you? I might buy my­self one… That would be re­ally sad.”

Os­good comes back to Doc­tor Who in “The Zy­gon In­va­sion”, BBC One on 31 Oc­to­ber.

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