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The cel­e­brated short story scribe’s first novel delves into a dark fan­tasy world be­yond our own

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What is The Night Clock about?

It’s about a psy­chi­atric nurse called Phil Trevena who is faced with a ter­ri­ble run of clin­i­cal fa­tal­i­ties. His pre­vi­ously suc­cess­ful ca­reer sud­denly col­lapses and he’s faced with the re­al­i­sa­tion that some­thing seems to be out to get him. Over­ar­ch­ing the story is a vast and un­know­able supernatural di­men­sion, in­fi­nite and age­less, through which a war has been rag­ing for mil­len­nia.

What was the most chal­leng­ing as­pect of tran­si­tion­ing from short sto­ries to a novel?

Find­ing the time and main­tain­ing mo­men­tum. I eased from short sto­ries to novel­las quite com­fort­ably and The

Night Clock was orig­i­nally go­ing to be a novella but it be­came too com­plex. This chal­lenged me to ei­ther walk away from it or de­velop it fur­ther and take it into new ter­ri­tory. It felt like the right time to get be­hind a novel – most of my writer friends had made the jump – and I was be­gin­ning to feel left out.

How did you go about build­ing the world of

The Night Clock?

It evolved out of a se­ries of sto­ries I wrote over about 20 years. I didn’t set out to cre­ate a mythos or build a world but as the char­ac­ters ap­peared there was a con­nec­tion there I couldn’t ig­nore.

Which SF au­thors would you like to be com­pared to in a dream re­view?

Har­lan El­li­son, Bruno Schulz, Ray Brad­bury, Mervyn Peake. Any one of those boys would be grand!

The Night Clock is pub­lished by So­laris on 10 Novem­ber.

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