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No, that’s not the ti­tle of Neill Blomkamp’s up­com­ing en­try in the Alien fran­chise. That would be too neat, too sen­si­ble, al­to­gether too easy for us to file our Blu- rays by. It’s ac­tu­ally the of­fi­cial name of Ri­d­ley Scott’s Prometheus se­quel, a move that clearly jet­ti­sons the bag­gage of 2012’ s mid­dlingly-re­ceived pre­quel in favour of the es­tab­lished xenomor­phic brand. “We’re head­ing back to why and how and when the beast was in­vented,” Scott tells HeyUGuys. “We’ll go back into the back door

of the very first Alien that I did 30 [ erm, 36] years ago.” Film­ing on the Milton- flavoured fol­low- up be­gins in Fe­bru­ary with the story set to fo­cus on a jour­ney to the home­world of the enig­matic Engi­neers. The su­per­nat­u­rally busy Scott hints that there may be up to four films in this strand of the Alien mythos…

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