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The Llama God, Twit­ter My favourite thing about the re­vamp: see­ing Nick Setch­field’s face peek­ing out from above the De­vel­op­ment Hell ti­tle. My least favourite thing: be­ing re­minded that time has passed by the up­dated con­trib­u­tor photos at the front. SFX How do you think we feel?

John Man­gan, Twit­ter LOVE the new look to SFX ( my copy of # 265 just ar­rived). Much clearer, eas­ier to read and bet­ter or­gan­ised. I can even read Rants & Raves with­out em­ploy­ing an elec­tron mi­cro­scope. Well done. SFX Oh no, we’ll have to be care­ful what we say in them now!

BartLock­horst, Twit­ter The Doc­tor’s had 12 re­gen­er­a­tions, how many has SFX had now? Does it ex­pe­ri­ence a pe­riod of in­sta­bil­ity too? SFX We don’t like to talk about it.

It­tatto23, Twit­ter Great job on the re­design. And I’m glad the letters ti­tle has been changed! Less gloomy than Post Apoca­lypse! SFX We are now post- Post Apoca­lypse.

MrFraig, Twit­ter Oh, you’ve re­dec­o­rated?! I don’t like it... ;)

SharkOfLargo, Twit­ter Love the new look. Al­ways nice to have a freshen up once in a while. SFX That’s why I’ve just had my first shower in a month.

Mat­tSaysThings, Twit­ter Lunchtime read­ing @ SFX­magazine what a great new look in­side! Well done chaps and fine ladies of the team!

Ttatto23, Twit­ter Great job on the re­design of the mag­a­zine guys! Very ’ 60s retro sci-fi- ish!

Steen­schapiro, games­radar Nice de­sign, but the letters page is es­pe­cially short. The letters page is al­most un­read­able now, with its new, short Twit­ter- like state­ments. Might as well surf the in­ter­net for that kind of su­per­fi­cial­ity.

John Porter, Face­book Bloody good read as per usual – lik­ing the new de­sign too. Not too far re­moved from its pre­de­ces­sor :-)

Marc Ofner, Face­book Got the latest copy to­day (# 265). New look is a def­i­nite im­prove­ment. Much clearer and eas­ier to read. How­ever, why have such a crisp, fresh

I love the new look. Al­ways nice to have a freshen up once in a while

new look on the in­side yet keep the same logo that you’ve had for the last 10 years? Still looks like the same tired mag on the out­side! SFX Why mess with a clas­sic?

SharkOfLogo, Twit­ter Just fin­ished read­ing is­sue 265, love the new look in­side, glad you kept the same logo, bril­liant stuff.

Don­nako1, Twit­ter Is the vis­i­ble “f ” & hid­den “x” a fea­ture of the re­gen­er­a­tion or just a one- off ? # cu­ri­ous

Nob­byNo­body, Twit­ter The new look is like a homage to vintage Reader’s Di­gest but I like it! SFX How very dare you?!

Trevor­bax­en­dale, Twit­ter Love a cover photo that’s so sharp you can cut your eyes just look­ing at it. Nice one.

WhoOrDie, Twit­ter How Per­twee does Ca­paldi look on this month’s @ SFX­magazine ? SFX But does he know Venu­sian karate?

Sour­dust, Twit­ter “Ca­paldi Coleman Mof­fat” sounds like the most badass firm of so­lic­i­tors in the uni­verse.


Pete Gillespie, email Wes Craven made so many stag­ger­ing con­tri­bu­tions to hor­ror, and shook up this genre so many times, few words will do him jus­tice.

The “video shop”, that trea­sure trove of il­licit cov­ers and taglines, with its blood- splat­tered im­agery and myr­iad ti­tles, was a shrine to my younger self. If I’m hon­est, my mum gave me a slap if I even sug­gested half the films I so craved, but still I longed to know what eyes the hills had, or what fate be­fell any­one liv­ing in left- sided houses.

Hav­ing dreamt about sam­pling these for­bid­den cin­e­matic fruits it was ob­vi­ous which one came first... 1, 2 Freddy’s com­ing for you!

A Night­mare On Elm Street brought us Freddy Krueger, truly my first “hero”. The hat, the jumper and oh, those fin­ger­nails. Ter­ri­fy­ing in the shad­ows, though he would soon be a pin- up boy, Wes Craven’s de­monic child- killer was break­ing down fourth walls and set­ting up Scream decades be­fore that se­ries broke new ground it­self.

Funny, scary, satir­i­cal and con­fronta­tional, Wes Craven made great films that chal­lenged the es­tab­lish­ment, the pre­dictable, and scared the crap out of mil­lions.


Matt Hank­in­son, email I am a hum­ble man. I work, I rest, I play. When I rest I like noth­ing more than watch­ing films and TV, and read­ing your splen­did mag­a­zine.

Now this is where it be­comes tricky. De­spite my many hours of var­i­ous SF view­ing, I am yet to in­vent a money- print­ing ma­chine, grow a money tree, or even crap out a £ 20 note. So why oh why are all the great new pro­grammes like Dare­devil, Fear The Walk­ing Dead etc on all these pay- your- way chan­nels. Net­flix, Ama­zon and now even BT are air­ing these shows, but I sim­ply can­not keep fork­ing out for all these add ons. For the love of Thor please stop it and put these pro­grammes in one, sim­ple place, like on my telly. SFX As sport fans have re­alised for years, the days of cheap, sim­ple ac­cess to all you want to watch are long gone. On the plus side, the vast quan­tity of chan­nels and media means we have more sci- fi to watch than ever be­fore.

Don’t base it on a comic with larg­erthan- life char­ac­ters


Cameron Garner, email What a pile of bol­locks Fan­tas­tic Four is. How has that hap­pened? They had two films to work out what works and what doesn’t and they seem to have looked at the “doesn’t” file, and thought “let’s try and rec­tify those”. It’s soul­less and joy­less. I un­der­stand an earnest film but don’t base it on a comic book that has larger- than- life char­ac­ters. Hell, if they wanted to do a se­ri­ous and bleak take they should have cho­sen the Reed goes bad era.

You can play a drink­ing game while watch­ing the film though – have a drink ev­ery time some­one sits be­hind a com­puter. Guar­an­teed to get pissed! Only plus side to that film. SFX That has to be one of the best and most suc­cinct first lines of a let­ter I’ve ever read.


Mike Garner, email Where’s the love for Yon­der­land? A show that proves once and for all that the UK knows how to do com­edy. It’s funny on a lot of dif­fer­ent lev­els. The pup­pets, es­pe­cially the red devils, are the stars. It’s awe­some, so where’s the love? Where’s the news of a third sea­son or an in­sight into the think­ing be­hind the show? SFX Did you see our cel­e­bra­tion of the show in Viewscreen in SFX 266? No short­age of love for Yon­der­land here...


Rob Graham, email Could Star Trek ever re­turn to TV? While a TV se­ries with the movie cast isn’t likely to hap­pen, it could per­haps come back in a new cen­tury with a new En­ter­prise and crew, as it did with The Next Gen­er­a­tion. Star Trek did the whole shared uni­verse thing in the ’ 90s with var­i­ous spin offs and movies all set in the same con­ti­nu­ity. I can’t help feel­ing that Hol­ly­wood is miss­ing some­thing by not cre­at­ing a new shared Star Trek uni­verse. SFX We’re with you. Hol­ly­wood, make it so!

# We also heard from

Daniel O’Ma­hony, email I was dis­ap­pointed to pick up your latest is­sue and find that there was no re­view of Hard To Be A God, Alexei Ger­man’s as­ton­ish­ing adap­ta­tion of the Stru­gatski broth­ers’ clas­sic science fic­tion

novel, which was re­leased to cine­mas on 7 Au­gust. What was es­pe­cially galling was that of four pages of cin­ema re­views, a whole two- and- a- half were ded­i­cated to the only very marginally- SF The Man From UN­CLE and Mis­sion Im­pos­si­ble: Rogue Na­tion. SFX Well, we’ve tra­di­tion­ally cov­ered James Bond and they’re not a mil­lion miles away from those. But you’ll be glad to see we got round to re­view­ing Hard To Be A God on DVD last is­sue, al­beit giv­ing it just two stars.

Robert Mac­don­ald, email In the Viewscreen re­view of Penny Dread­ful Do­rian’s re­la­tion­ship with a trans­sex­ual was men­tioned. I feel it ap­pro­pri­ate to point out that trans­sex­u­als usu­ally have is­sues with the body they were born in. I be­lieve the char­ac­ter Do­rian had a re­la­tion­ship with be­fore off­ing him was a trans­ves­tite or a “drag queen”, in mod­ern- day par­lance.

James Kins­ley, email Dave Golder’s re­view of Jonathan Strange & Mr Nor­rell sug­gests that the mar­vel­lous adap­ta­tion of that mas­ter­piece failed by be­ing too re­liant on pre­vi­ous knowl­edge of the book, the ar­gu­ment be­ing that was just too un­friendly to the ca­sual viewer. Anec­do­tally, I have to dis­agree. My wife ticks none of those boxes, and yet was a huge fan of Strange & Nor­rell. SFX If only there’d been another four mil­lion view­ers like your wife then the Beeb might have been happy!

Harold Okafor- Withers, email The red band trailer for Dead­pool makes this film look awe­some. Was piss­ing my­self the whole way through, and is that not the best damned cin­e­matic ver­sion of Colos­sus we’ve seen yet? SFX Not so keen my­self ! Reynolds seems smug and su­per­cil­ious, tone looks nasty and face­tious.

Fear The Walk­ing Dead – but not on nor­mal telly. SFX For me Craven’s best films were his early ones – love The Last House On The Left, The Hills Have Eyes and the first Night­mare On Elm Street. TV movie Chiller wasn’t bad ei­ther. Thanks for the scares, Wes.

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Grey­ness and black­ness – pretty much Josh Trank’s film.

Yon­der­land: devil­ishly funny.

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