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Jen­nifer Lawre nce hangs up the bow

SFX - - The Hunger Games Mock­ing Jay Part 2 - Nick Setch­field

Kat­niss has al­ways been a re­luc­tant par­tic­i­pant. Now she’s more proac­tive…

Mock­ing­jay 2 is kind of the first time that Kat­niss takes on this role of the Mock­ing­jay be­yond the rea­son of she wanted to save her sis­ter and out­side of sav­ing her own skin. She now sees that it’s af­fect­ing the fu­ture. If I were to de­scribe her with one word – which I didn’t have to be­cause you didn’t ask me to – I think that she gets to a point where she’s re­ally just numb, be­cause she re­ally doesn’t care if she lives or dies. She’s fo­cused on mak­ing a bet­ter fu­ture.

This film fi­nally re­solves the love tri­an­gle. What did that el­e­ment add to the story for you?

I went back and forth with that, be­cause it was some­thing that kind of an­noyed me at the be­gin­ning. But these chil­dren are grow­ing up in a time when even just hav­ing a crush, or even hav­ing a first kiss, can’t be done be­cause they have to fo­cus on sur­vival. They have to fo­cus on a war. It’s so dif­fer­ent from our re­al­ity, where we grow up. For­tu­nately in this part of the world, you can have a crush, and you can go in the woods, and you can kiss, and you can fo­cus on boys… I think it’s more of an ex­am­ple of how sad and how dif­fi­cult this par­tic­u­lar time is for them, when they can’t even have that lux­ury of a first kiss.

What was the high­light of these four films for you?

The high­light was meet­ing my two best friends.

Do you have plans to keep in touch with Josh and Liam?

It’s like, “Do you guys have an an­nual re­union?” No, we just text each other ev­ery day and see each other weekly! We don’t over­think it.

Did you keep a sou­venir from the movies?

I kept some Mock­ing­jay pins and some re­hearsal bows and my Catch­ing Fire bow.

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