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putting Fal­cone in re­tire­ment, Gor­don now re­alises he must edge to­wards part­ner Har­vey Bul­lock’s rough­house, morally com­pro­mised style of polic­ing to get any­thing done in the city. It be­gins a jour­ney into dark­ness for Gor­don, Stephens ex­plains.

“Our ethos this sea­son is that we take the spec­trum from light to dark. We want to see how far we can push ev­ery­body into the dark­ness and still bring them out. And then see who stays in the dark­ness. There’s Bar­bara, for ex­am­ple, who went from a law- abid­ing mem­ber of so­ci­ety last year to a psy­chotic vil­lain­ess this year where she’s wildly homi­ci­dal. Watch­ing peo­ple make those switches is fas­ci­nat­ing. With Gor­don, I think you can take him pretty dark be­cause at the end of the day he will al­ways be a hero. All of his choices are for the good of the city. They are never self- serv­ing, un­like a vil­lain. You know his in­ten­tion is a good one – which is of­ten how things fre­quently be­come dis­as­trous.” So who will be key in drag­ging Gor­don to a dark place? Stephens tells us it’s ac­tu­ally a “big soup” of en­ablers. “Bar­bara has a big im­pact on him. And the choices and deals he makes with Cob­ble­pot at the be­gin­ning of the year also make an in­cred­i­ble im­pact and are a tidal pull. Theo Gala­van and Gor­don also make deals with one another and those pull him un­der. And then the de­sire to pro­tect the peo­ple that he cares about – Bruce, Thomp­kins and Bul­lock – also forces him into the dark­ness.”

Ini­tially Gor­don will have a new ad­vo­cate for jus­tice in the form of Cap­tain Nathaniel Barnes, played by The Shield’s Michael Chik­lis. “He comes in as a new force in the GCPD,” Stephens re­veals. “Barnes is this tough ex- soldier who Gor­don has a lot of sym­pa­thy and affin­ity with. But as Gor­don goes down this dark road, Barnes will at first be his ally and then ques­tion his choices. They will be at log­ger­heads and come into con­flict with one another. It’s great be­cause Chik­lis brings a lot of pres­ence and weight to the role.”

Also step­ping up will be the young Bruce Wayne. Stephens re­veals the fu­ture Dark Knight will be more proac­tive in mov­ing to­wards his des­tiny – and not only be­cause he now has ac­cess to his fa­ther’s se­cret cave. “He is much more ac­tive than he was last year. Part of it is that David is a half foot taller and we’re lit­er­ally see­ing him be­com­ing a man so we are writ­ing to that as well. But we are al­ways re­mind­ing

We want to see how far we can push ev­ery­body into the dark­ness

With all that vil­lainy, Oswald Cob­ble­pot needs a sit- down.

Bar­bara ( Erin Richards): likes el­bow­ing text.

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