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re­leased OUT NOW! 2015 | 15 | DVD

Di­rec­tor Justin Tre­f­garne

Cast El­liot Cowan, Jonathan Pryce,

Molly Ga­is­ford, Elodie Yung

In a fu­ture where recre­ational drugs are le­gal and the Am­bro Cor­po­ra­tion has a near- mo­nop­oly on get­ting high, Frank Grieves ( El­liot Cowan) is a cop as­signed to bust un­li­censed street deal­ers. When he dis­cov­ers an uniden­ti­fi­able corpse ap­par­ently loaded with a mys­te­ri­ous new drug, Grieves learns that Am­bro will do any­thing to stop him pok­ing his nose into its se­crets.

Narcopolis has an abun­dance of ideas but suf­fers from a lack of fo­cus and co­he­sion. All the talk about Am­bro’s nar­cotics sounds like an af­ter- school spe­cial – drugs are bad, kids – while the science in the script is softer and fuzzier than a teddy bear from Ham­ley’s. Jonathan Pryce pops up as a sci­en­tist who makes im­por­tantsound­ing dec­la­ra­tions like, “This changes ev­ery­thing”, while ex­plain­ing noth­ing.

The big­gest prob­lem is that the de­noue­ment hinges on a re­la­tion­ship that nei­ther the screen­play nor the cast have es­tab­lished with any cred­i­bil­ity be­fore­hand. The time travel plot never con­nects with the le­galised drugs theme, leav­ing Narcopolis feel­ing half- baked – un­like Am­bro’s cus­tomers. They’re to­tally baked, bro.

Ex­tras Di­rec­tor’s com­men­tary; deleted scenes; trailer. David West

As well as fea­tur­ing Da Vinci’s De­mons’ El­liot Cowan, Narcopolis was partly shot on the set of the se­ries in Wales.

“Take that, you damned shirt- stealer!”

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