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re­leased 19 oc­to­ber 2015 | 18 | DVD

This haunted house tale has a promis­ing early chill.

A cou­ple es­cape the city for the win­try Amer­i­can coun­try­side, mov­ing to an old prairie home to out­run the mem­ory of their dead son. It’s a som­bre, ef­fec­tive be­gin­ning, full of space and si­lence, the dread con­jured by such sub­lim­i­nal tac­tics as a cel­lar wall with the pit­ted tex­ture of a skull. But it’s a prom­ise squan­dered as the film sur­ren­ders to hor­ror cliché, in your face when pre­vi­ously it had been in your head.

Ex­tras Com­men­tary; Mak­ing Of. Nick Setch­field

Freddy Krueger had left a lit­tle present.

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