Lit­tle House On The Scary

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Au­thor Amy Lukav­ics

Pub­lisher Si­mon & Schuster

Chil­dren’s Books

Daugh­ters Unto Devils is surely one of the most adult hor­ror sto­ries ever pub­lished un­der a chil­dren’s im­print.

Lit­tle House On The Prairie meets The Blair Witch Pro­ject, Amy Lukav­ics’s de­but is a clam­mily claus­tro­pho­bic tale of back­woods oc­cultism that doesn’t spare its young adult read­er­ship the gory de­tails.

In the depths of a harsh moun­tain win­ter where “the days pass like mo­lasses”, 16- year- old Amanda Verner is con­vinced she’s seen the devil in the woods. Come sum­mer, the fam­ily ups sticks for the prairie, fix­ing up an aban­doned cabin that will make the per­fect homestead – when they’ve washed the blood off the walls.

What un­folds is a vis­ceral tale of de­monic pos­ses­sion with a queasily in­fant- fix­ated line in body hor­ror: prairie ants crawl in the mouth and eyes of a deaf­blind baby, and there are dark folk­tales of scare­crows with the heads of mur­dered chil­dren. Amanda, mean­while, suf­fers a mis­car­riage and is haunted by the ghost of her un­born child.

De­spite the oc­ca­sional lapse into poor taste, Daugh­ters Unto Devils is a vivid, beau­ti­fully writ­ten slice of Amer­i­can gothic hor­ror. Paul Kirkley

Lukav­ics was her­self raised in a small moun­tain town, where she dis­cov­ered her mother’s Stephen King col­lec­tion.

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