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re­leased OUT NOW! 256 pages | Hard­back Au­thor Justin Richards Pub­lisher BBC Books

This year’s oh-god- howthe-hell- do- we- do- yetan­other-Who- book re­lease. Com­ing up with new for­mats for these must be mur­der.

Fea­tures 128 doc­u­ments writ­ten by, to, or oc­ca­sion­ally just about the Doc­tor.

Some we al­ready knew ex­isted but didn’t see the ex­act con­tents of – like a warn­ing note left for the Time Lords in “The Deadly As­sas­sin”.

Oth­ers plug gaps – so hastily- de­parted ’ 60s com­pan­ion Dodo fi­nally gets a proper farewell.

Ex­plana­tory notes fill in the nar­ra­tive con­text. Though if you had any in­ter­est in the letters, you’d prob­a­bly know the sto­ries al­ready.

The Doc­tor doesn’t re­ally seem like the type to sit still long enough to pen all these mis­sives.

In­ter­mit­tently mildly amus­ing, but soon starts to feel a mite point­less.

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