IN­TRO TO ALIEN IN­VA­SION Bugs in the sys­tem

SFX - - Reviews - Co- writer Owen King is the youngest son of Stephen King. He’s work­ing on a top se­cret TV pro­ject at the mo­ment.

Alien in­vaders sure do love an iso­lated com­mu­nity, don’t they? In this case it’s Fenton Col­lege, a cam­pus out in the Ver­mont wood­land, and the in­vaders are tiny bugs which grow in­side a hu­man host. It’s spring break and many stu­dents have been stranded on cam­pus by a hur­ri­cane, in­clud­ing Stacey Ke­pler, an as­tro­bi­ol­ogy ma­jor with a keen in­ter­est in ETs.

In tra­di­tional style, the story pro­ceeds from in­fec­tion, through out­break and then to the bat­tle for sur­vival. Along the way there’s some thor­oughly en­ter­tain­ing gross- out body hor­ror – this is where Nancy Ahn’s art­work comes into its own, her stylised lines mu­tat­ing in un­ex­pected ways.

How­ever, it’s gen­er­ally pre­dictable – you know ex­actly who’ll sur­vive and who won’t. Aside from Stacey, the char­ac­ters are quite sketchily writ­ten, es­pe­cially the frat­boys and WASP girls who are all re­lent­less ass­holes un­til they meet their fate, mak­ing it hard to care about them. Still, even they’re more rounded than the group of char­ac­ters who sud­denly be­come prom­i­nent in the fi­nal third, but aren’t prop­erly named. Okay, but just too straight­for­ward. Ed­die Rob­son

They were gonna need a big­ger fly swat.

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