SFX - - Reviews - Chron­i­cle’s Max Lan­dis ( son of John) is lead writer on the TV se­ries IDW is help­ing to de­velop for BBC Amer­ica.

With his re­liance on twists of fate, Dou­glas Adams’ Holis­tic De­tec­tive prob­a­bly isn’t the PI for you if you aren’t fond of con­ve­nient co­in­ci­dences.

De­signed as a pre­quel to a pro­posed new TV se­ries, the first is­sue of Chris Ryall’s comic opens with Dirk fetch­ing up in San Diego in the cargo bay of an air­craft. The plot, in­volv­ing a cou­ple of mar­ried se­rial killers and a pair of an­cient vam­pire mum­mies, has no real sense of threat, but it’s hard not to like Dirk as he bum­bles around the city, in­ad­ver­tently be­com­ing the guide to a group of tourists.

De­signed as a fresh start, this first arc is mostly ac­ces­si­ble to those who aren’t fa­mil­iar with Dirk’s past ad­ven­tures – although the sur­prise ap­pear­ance of a cou­ple of char­ac­ters will please fans. Open­ing artist Tony Akins’s del­i­cate linework is de­light­ful, and while his suc­ces­sor Ilias Kyr­i­azis’s style is car­toonier, it’s still a good fit. With Ryall’s witty, en­gag­ing script neatly em­u­lat­ing Adams’s dis­tinc­tive prose, this is a wor­thy con­tin­u­a­tion of the great man’s legacy. Stephen Jewell

No, it’s not a hairy Tenth Doc­tor!

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