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1 Strap Has­bro’s Chew­bacca elec­tronic mask ( FPI price £ 35.99; prod­uct code D3607) to your head, open your gob, and the mask lets out an au­then­tic Chewie growl/ howl/ yawn. Open your mouth wider and the noise gets louder and an­grier! Fan­tas­tic! It’ll work best if you have a child- sized face – or are, in­deed, a child. Gah, why didn’t these ex­ist back in 1977? Also avail­able: two Kylo Ren masks ( one’s a voice- changer) and a First Or­der Stormtrooper one.

2 The glimpse of Kylo Ren’s funky, triple- bladed lightsaber be­came one of the most talk­wor­thy points in the first Force Awak­ens trailer. Now Has­bro have made this Elec­tronic Lightsaber ( FPI price £ 39.99; prod­uct code D3601), al­low­ing you to skulk mys­te­ri­ously in snowy wastes to your twisted heart’s con­tent. It lights up, makes au­then­tic sounds – sat­is­fy­ingly, it growls like a bas­tard – and as it’s part of the Blade Builder range you can bolt it to­gether with bits of other lightsabers to cre­ate your own cus­tom- built weaponry. 3 Kylo Ren’s lightsaber may be deadly up close, but if you want to put some dis­tance be­tween you and your prey there’s noth­ing’s bet­ter than this NERF Chew­bacca Bow­caster ( FPI price £ 29.99; prod­uct code D3602). It’s a sturdy piece of weaponry, sim­ple to con­struct and uses an elas­ti­cated string to pro­pel foam pro­jec­tiles up to 20m away. The neon or­ange is a lit­tle gar­ish, though. Also avail­able: two NERF Stormtrooper blasters, for epic First Or­der vs Re­sis­tance bat­tles.

4 BB- 8 is ar­guably the most photo- real fig­ure in Funko’s range of Pop! Vinyl Fig­ures ( FPI price £ 9.99 each;

prod­uct codes D3408, D3409, D3411, D3416, D3417, D3411), but it is kind of hard to car­i­ca­ture a ball. Rey, Finn, Cap­tain Phasma and the Stormtrooper are just as you’d ex­pect, but Kylo Ren is ap­par­ently chan­nelling Dark Hel­met from Space­balls. Rick Mo­ra­nis, are you in there? There are five other fig­ures: Poe Dameron, Chew­bacca, red- armed C- 3PO and a cou­ple more breeds of Stormtrooper.

5 You don’t need power har­poons to bring down this Re­mote- Con­trol AT- AT ( FPI price £ 94.99; prod­uct code D3949); lay some thin car­pet in its path and it’s stum­bling about like a new- born fawn. It looks much more im­pres­sive on a smooth, hard sur­face, though, and the abil­ity to pro­gramme dif­fer­ent “ac­tion com­bos” is a neat touch. It’s just one of 11 re­mote- con­trol craft from Thinkway Toys, in­clud­ing a very cool Mil­len­nium Fal­con drone.

6 If Lego was the only ma­te­rial the First Or­der had avail­able to build a fleet of space­ships, they’d have de­cided the whole galac­tic dom­i­na­tion thing was too much hard work and stayed home. They’d have had fun try­ing, how­ever, as this 1,004- piece Com­mand Shut­tle ( FPI price £ 99.99; prod­uct code C5255) is an in­cred­i­bly sat­is­fy­ing build, tak­ing sev­eral hours. It comes with re­tractable wings and pro­jec­tile weapons. There are six other sets, rang­ing from Rey with a Speeder Bike ( 193 pieces) to a mas­sive Mil­len­nium Fal­con ( 1,332 pieces).

7 The “in­ter­ac­tive” el­e­ment of this Kylo Ren An­i­ma­tronic In­ter­ac­tive Fig­ure ( FPI price £ 119.99; prod­uct code D3932) – one of a range of six – isn’t that ex­cit­ing. Press his chest to en­ter “train­ing mode”, then wag­gle his lit­tle lightsaber around. Depend­ing on how quickly/ smoothly you do so, he re­sponds with di­a­logue which may make you feel un­com­fort­ably like he’s try­ing to get in your pants: “You know what I’ve come for… I feel it too… Don’t fight it. You know you can’t.” Sorry Kylo, we’re just not that into you.








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