Jekyll And Hyde star Tom Bate­man on his dual role

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How did you ap­proach play­ing Hyde?

I looked for in­spi­ra­tion in cer­tain places. I quite liked Heath Ledger’s Joker. It’s the mis­chief. He’s some­how all- pow­er­ful. The en­joy­ment in that. It’s not be­ing evil for evil’s sake. He en­joys his power over other peo­ple. He is dark in what he does, in the orig­i­nal book; Char­lie’s given him light­ness as well. He’s a funny guy. He’s just hav­ing a great time. There’s a great line about Heath Ledger’s Joker – “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” It’s like that. You can go dark with that, but that’s ac­tu­ally a bit bor­ing, be­cause no one is evil in their own mind. They do it for their rea­sons. He’s not evil. He’s just pow­er­ful and en­joys his power, and other peo­ple are weak. When­ever they give me the note, “En­joy this”, it un­locks some­thing else. It’s ac­tu­ally a lot more hu­man and 3D to do it like that.

Do you have to carry your­self dif­fer­ently?

Yeah, very much. The great thing about set­ting it in this pe­riod is peo­ple were so stiff and self- con­scious about how they were per­ceived and how they held them­selves… be­ing a gen­tle­man, be­ing po­lite. Hyde is the op­po­site. He’s to­tally lib­er­ated. He doesn’t have any of these phys­i­cal con­straints. Plus he’s stronger, whereas Jekyll’s a bit more afraid and in­tim­i­dated by things. With Hyde, there’s no con­se­quence. Peo­ple shoot him and he goes, “This is just fun!” So that’s the phys­i­cal open­ness of him, just go­ing, “I’m in­fal­li­ble.” That helps as well.

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