robots and space­ships

SFX - - Red Alert -

Like robots? How about space­ships? If the an­swer is an em­phatic “yes” ( and who’d say “no”?) then you’re in luck be­cause our latest 148page spe­cial is ded­i­cated en­tirely to sci- fi’s time­less tin cans, from False Maria in Me­trop­o­lis t o Poe D ameron’s funky new X- wing in The Force Awak­ens. There’s in­ter­views with the likes of Robert Llewellyn and Mil­len­nium Fal­con de­signer Roger Chris­tian, count­downs of the top 50 robots and space­ships of all time and some of the coolest space­craft cut­aways in the known gal­axy. Grab it to­day! On sale: NOW!

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