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Ben McKen­zie takes Jim Gor­don to the dark side

Af­ter a first sea­son filled with hard knocks, where do we find Gor­don now?

We pick up sea­son two with a re­ver­sal of for­tune. Young Mr Cob­ble­pot is the king of Gotham and Mr Gor­don is the low­est he’s ever been. He’s been pun­ished by Com­mis­sioner Loeb for sav­ing Fal­cone’s life and foil­ing his plan, so he’s a traf­fic cop and he’s pretty bit­ter about it. But as al­ways in Gotham, things change quickly and the roles are re­versed yet again.

Vil­lains are ris­ing this sea­son... What does that mean for Gor­don?

These vil­lains are more per­ni­cious than the crime fam­i­lies who wanted law and or­der to get money. But when the wheels fall off and the true vil­lains arise, it ’s an­ar­chy. To com­bat that, there has to be an arms race and the good guys have to arm up and we’ll get into that later in the sea­son.

Where’s the re­la­tion­ship be­tween Jim and young Bruce go­ing?

They were on the outs in the mid­dle of the first sea­son as Bruce felt be­trayed by Jim for not liv­ing up to his prom­ise of solv­ing his par­ents’ mur­der. They are slowly pick­ing up the pieces of that. But at the same time, Bruce is not be­ing com­pletely hon­est with Jim be­cause as he dis­cov­ers this cave that his fa­ther had, he em­barks on his own jour­ney and doesn’t tell Jim.

What about Jim’s per­sonal life?

Bar­bara has turned from lov­ing part­ner to psy­chotic ex- girl­friend and she only gets cra­zier in sea­son two. It puts a strain on Jim’s re­la­tion­ship with Thomp­kins, one of the few peo­ple he has to con­fide in. But as she watches Jim get darker, she be­gins to ques­tion her own belief and love for the man. Can she keep him from turn­ing all the way to the dark side? Tara Ben­nett

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