Dan Dare Vs Aliens!

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“I was at my lo­cal comic shop one day and the guy there said, ‘ Dave, I’ve had a great idea for a cross­over! You’ve just writ­ten Bat­man Ver­sus Preda­tor, so how about Dan Dare/ Aliens?’

“I got this pic­ture in my head of Dan and Digby on a space sta­tion in their bright cos­tumes, com­ing around the cor­ner of a cor­ri­dor and there’s this huge, dis­gust­ing alien, ab­so­lutely drool­ing. Digby says in his Lan­cashire voice, ‘ Eh, up, Colonel Dan! Looks like some­thing out of yon Amer­i­can hor­ror comics!’ be­cause Ea­gle was de­signed specif­i­cally to counter Amer­i­can hor­ror comics. I would have done Dan Dare ex­actly like Frank Hamp­son’s Dan Dare, but not to be all ironic.

“I quickly came up with a story and Dark Horse Comics, who own the Alien comics li­cence, were up for it. But when I got in touch with The Dan Dare Cor­po­ra­tion, they weren’t in­ter­ested. But I’d still like to do it as a 48- page one- off, and I’ve got a per­fect artist in mind, so watch this space!”

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