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Ex­plore the mul­ti­verse with new E4 se­ries Tripped

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“the best bit of di­rec­tion i’ve ever been given was, ‘Have you ever played Arkham Asy­lum on Xbox, and he goes into de­tec­tive mode?’” Re­fer­ring to a spe­cial gad­get that high­lights us­able ob­jects and scenery, di­rec­tor Jamie Stone’s ad­vice to stars Ge­orge Web­ster and Blake Harrison re­veals that E4’s new sci-fi com­edy Tripped owes a deep debt to videogames and other as­sorted geek­ery.

Re­sem­bling Mis­fits crossed with Doc­tor Who, the four-part se­ries plays fast and loose with the con­cept of par­al­lel uni­verses. Based on a pi­lot by Who writer Jamie Mathieson called Alt (which we re­ported on a year ago, but never aired), it is writ­ten and co-cre­ated by The Miss­ing’s Harry and Jack Wil­liams. With Web­ster jok­ing, “You look like Aragorn, so run like Aragorn,” Harrison sports an im­pres­sive beard and wears a dandy­ish long-coat when Red Alert meets the pair at a Sur­rey film stu­dio.

With Danny and his par­al­lel uni­verse coun­ter­parts a ver­i­ta­ble world away from The In­be­tween­ers’ feck­less Neil, Harrison ad­mits that it’s been “an in­ter­est­ing bal­anc­ing act”, keep­ing track of his char­ac­ter’s var­i­ous it­er­a­tions. “There are cer­tain things that you’re al­lowed to play with and make dif­fer­ent,” he says. “What’s great is how the cos­tume and make-up de­part­ments have done a fan­tas­tic job of help­ing us do that. You just look at them and know they’re dif­fer­ent. So find­ing and play­ing those dif­fer­ences has been a lot of fun, but you still have to keep it rooted in the fact that this is still tech­ni­cally the same per­son, it’s just their life that’s slightly dif­fer­ent.”

“I gave mine Tourette’s, and a twitch,” con­tin­ues Web­ster. “There’s rea­sons for that, as you’ll see. Psy­cho­log­i­cally, he’s quite dam­aged.”

Over­come by his best mate Danny’s de­ci­sion to wed his girl­friend Kate (played by Ge­orgina Camp­bell), Web­ster’s per­pet­u­ally stoned slacker Milo has his world turned up­side down af­ter “War Danny” crashes down to earth in his liv­ing room. As Red Alert looks on, Harrison breaks a cof­fee ta­ble in half be­fore dust­ing him­self down and em­bark­ing upon a fe­ro­cious sword fight with Richard Gadd’s oth­er­worldly as­sas­sin, Callum. “We gen­uinely re­ally hate each other, so I re­ally want to take his head off,” he laughs, while ac­cord­ing to Web­ster, “I gen­uinely don’t do any­thing in life, so I just sit there and watch it.”

Com­par­ing its vis­it­ing dif­fer­ent di­men­sions to Se­cret Wars and Spi­der-Verse, Tripped has much in com­mon with re­cent su­per­hero crossovers. “With both War Danny and War Milo, you could ar­gue to a point that they’re heroic,” says Harrison. “With­out giv­ing too much away, there are def­i­nitely some heroic el­e­ments there.”

“We play on that whole hero thing,” teases Web­ster. “Th­ese guys are he­roes and then dif­fer­ent things hap­pen and shit goes down!”

With Harrison re­veal­ing “there’s been a few death scenes; mul­ti­ple death scenes for mul­ti­ple us-es,” dy­ing is not nec­es­sar­ily the end for Danny and Milo. “The thing is, no one re­ally dies in sci-fi any­way,” laughs Harrison. “There’s al­ways a way to bring them back; even if you stick their brain in a robot or some­thing like that.”

“Stick them in a tight lit­tle bot­tled city like [Su­per­man’s] Kan­dor,” adds Web­ster. “And then bring them back out.”

With­out giv­ing too much away, there are def­i­nitely some heroic el­e­ments there

Tripped is on E4 in Novem­ber.

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