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Grimm’s po­lice cap­tain on his re­cov­ery from sea­son four, and sea­son five’s new threat


“I hope to god renard’s re­cov­ered. Be­cause that was a very painful sea­son. to come back from the dead and then plagued by this de­mon en­tity that’s taken over, and this Jack the rip­per char­ac­ter that came out, it re­ally put me through the ringer. Our writ­ers come up with some crafty things, and they al­ways sur­prise us. I hope I don’t have to face it again. But one never knows.”


“this year is more about try­ing to help nick re­cover from the tragedy of the the fi­nale last year. He’s go­ing through so much, and he starts to un­ravel. He’s got a lot of anger and a lot of vengeance on his mind, and con­fu­sion. so I’m try­ing to keep him glued [to­gether] and also try­ing to keep the precinct run­ning. But po­lit­i­cal am­bi­tion is al­ways def­i­nitely on renard’s mind. so that will nat­u­rally present it­self.”


“we have this great sort of force that’s go­ing to en­velop the world. It’s go­ing to be global, but the threat is in Port­land as well. so all the char­ac­ters will have to band to­gether against this we­sen up­ris­ing that’s go­ing to see us through sea­son five.”


“I’ve been try­ing to per­suade our writ­ers to take renard back to the darker side. I re­ally liked him when he was more of an ad­ver­sary to nick, or when they were a lit­tle bit more at odds. I think it’s re­ally in­ter­est­ing to have that con­flict with those two char­ac­ters and to have less trust be­tween them. It makes it a lot more fun for me to play. I think the fans are ready for that as well. He’s been part of a gang for a lit­tle too long.”

Grimm’s fifth sea­son is cur­rently air­ing on Watch.

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