In­de­pen­dence day resur­gence

That B-movie from back in the day is get­ting a fol­low-up…

SFX - - Event Horizon -

I’m baaaaaaaack

Wel­come to Earth. Again. Twenty years later the big fly­ing saucers (with an un­for­tu­nate level of com­pat­i­bil­ity with Mac Power­books) are go­ing to pro­vide ma­jor shade over our ci­ties once more. Th­ese are the re­in­force­ments, an­swer­ing the pre­vi­ous swarm’s dis­tress sig­nal.

Let’s nuke the bas­tards

Twenty years is a bit late for the cav­alry to turn up, mind, and that’s given hu­man­ity the chance to pre­pare for the next wave of buggy xenomorphs. The Earth has pulled to­gether to form the multi­na­tional Earth Space De­fense, led by the war of the world’s gone-vi­ral saviour David Levin­son (Jeff Gold­blum). Un­for­tu­nately for David, the aliens haven’t ex­actly been sit­ting on their in­ter­galac­ti­carse­nal in the in­terim.

they’re aLso back

David Levin­son’s dad (Judd Hirsch) is also re­turn­ing to the fray for more neb­bish com­men­tary while Bill Pull­man is back as ex-Pres­i­dent Thomas Whit­more. Even Brett Spiner is back as the awe­somely haired Dr Brack­ish Okun and he died in the last movie…

heLL, no!

But one big name is not re­turn­ing for round two. Will Smith’s ci­gar-chomp­ing pi­lot Capt Steven Hiller has since heard the fat lady sing, leav­ing it to his son Dy­lan to do the fast-fly­ing, fastertalk­ing hero­ics. As played by Jessie Usher, Dy­lan’ll be get­ting a weepy re­minder of his old man from Vivica A Fox’s re­turn­ing ex-strip­per Jas­mine be­fore head­ing out into bat­tle.

new bLood

So who are the other new faces? Liam Hemsworth will go from zero to hero as Jake Mor­ri­son, a dis­graced pi­lot ex­iled off to op­er­ate heavy ma­chin­ery on Earth Space De­fense’s moon base. We’d put good money on the fact that this or­phaned fly­ing ace might just get the op­por­tu­nity to re­deem him­self against the beasts that killed mum and dad the first time around.

re­buILd­Ing the whIte house

Also putting the past be­hind her is Pres­i­dent Whit­more’s daugh­ter, played by It Fol­lows’ Maika Mon­roe, try­ing to shrug off her fa­mous fam­ily as part of the Se­cret Ser­vice team for the new pres­i­dent (Sela Ward). This PO­TUS has a much more ag­gres­sive at­ti­tude to the bugs from above and is more than ready to bring the ruckus.

must go faster…

For peo­ple who can’t wait for the glo­ri­ous whole­sale de­struc­tion of in­ter­na­tional land­marks, there’s al­ways Ti­tan’s pre­quel comic book. The as-yetun­named ti­tle – “a psy­cho­log­i­cal pri­son drama” – will give an insight into how the shat­tered Earth re­built it­self af­ter the shenani­gans of 1996.

when to ex­pect It?

In­de­pen­dence Day: Resur­gence blows up cine­mas on 24

June 2016.

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