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A tomb. not a great place to be vis­it­ing in real life, par­tic­u­larly if your com­pan­ion’s hint­ing you’re about to be buried in it. But in videogames, we can’t get enough of them. Since 1996’s orig­i­nal Tomb Raider we’ve loved seek­ing out trea­sures, trig­ger­ing deadly traps and only just es­cap­ing the hor­rors that lurk within.

Their ab­sence was the only flaw of 2013’s ex­cel­lent re­boot Tomb Raider. That game had great ex­plo­ration, plat­form­ing, puz­zles and com­bat... but where were our beloved tombs?

Brian Hor­ton, game di­rec­tor on Rise Of The Tomb Raider, ex­plains that tombs are back, and the scale has never been big­ger. “Get­ting into them is in­ter­est­ing, solv­ing them is more chal­leng­ing, and just that jour­ney of get­ting lost in a big ex­plo­ration space and dis­cov­er­ing them, it re­ally has a nice feel­ing of re­ward.”

Graph­i­cally it’s out­stand­ing, one of the Xbox One’s best look­ing games. But the team have kept the spirit of what makes the se­ries spe­cial. “In a Tomb Raider game, there’s a point where you want to feel like you’re get­ting a sense of dis­cov­ery at a cer­tain ca­dence,” ex­plains Hor­ton. “So the Syria tomb was very well crafted to make the player feel that sense of dis­cov­ery around most ev­ery cor­ner. That was a big part of how we try to de­sign our spa­ces.”

From the ex­plo­sive cli­max of the Syr­ian tomb that opens the game, to Siberian ice tombs that are just beg­ging to be ex­plored, Rise Of The Tomb Raider is look­ing like an ex­plorer’s par­adise. Brian and his team have gone to great lengths to make this the most im­mer­sive Tomb Raider ever “We re­ally put you into the shoes of Lara Croft. You’re dis­cov­er­ing places that no one else has for maybe thou­sands of years, and have to use her smarts and wits to get through.”

Rise Of The Tomb Raider is re­leased on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on 10 Novem­ber.


Lara Croft: raid­ing your tombs since 1996.

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