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SFX - - First Contact -

Keith Heeney Let’s see some “hoary hosts of Hog­goth”, he’s al­ways bang­ing on about ’em! I think he’s mak­ing it up, my­self!

Lee Bur­ridge Re­al­is­tic de­mons.

Colin Mottershead The orig­i­nal cos­tume by Steve Ditko recre­ated as faith­fully as pos­si­ble, com­plete with high col­lar.

Faye Mars­den Whole­heart­edly ap­prove of the cast­ing so far, and Mads Mikkelsen would make a great Dor­mammu.

Frank Cot­ter­ill More of the Quan­tum Realm, as seen in Ant-Man. Maybe we could find out what hap­pened to Janet van Dyne in there.

Ella Ea­som A dif­fer­ent feel to ev­ery Mar­vel movie so far. The

“for­mula” is start­ing to lose its ap­peal for me.

Bob Holmes A nod to Doc­tor Strange’s cos­tume change in 1968 (and how rub­bish it was).

Mary Den­nell If they’re do­ing the tra­di­tional ori­gin story make it as per­sonal as pos­si­ble – don’t tie it into an end of the world plot.

Joe Cow­den The Sanc­tum Sanc­to­rum in all its mys­ti­cal glory.

Carl Lewin An ex­pla­na­tion for why Hy­dra con­sid­ers him a threat in The Win­ter Soldier.

Ade­laide Wescott Have Wong but make him more of a Kato-like ass-kick­ing as­sis­tant than a ser­vant.

Trevor Lan­g­ley Any­one other than Bene­dict Cum­ber­batch as Strange – he’s a bor­ing, ob­vi­ous choice. Take more risks, Mar­vel!

Nick Mun­son None of this axe non­sense that Strange has in the new Mar­vel comics.

Elaine Baker At least one scene where Strange makes a coin ap­pear from be­hind a child’s ear or does the old de­tach­ing thumb trick.

Ken Ed­wards A Stan Lee cameo as a hokey ma­gi­cian who saws a woman in half on stage.

Ali Everett A big old scrap with Night­mare in the dream di­men­sion.

Rob Sey­mour MCU crossovers, ref­er­ences and cameos kept to a min­i­mum, like Guardians Of The Gal­axy. If Doc­tor Strange is to suc­ceed the char­ac­ter needs to stand on his own be­fore team­ing up with Cap et al.

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